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SHRIMPSHOW: 10/21/2014 Cracker Factory, Geneva, NY w/DOTT
Super-sweet garage pop band, Dott, will be visiting us all the way from Galway, Ireland. We’re honored to be opening for them. Let’s show ‘em a good time, huh?

And here’s a clip of us jamming the outro of “The Glamorous Life” featuring Chuck Leo on sax, Pablo Falbru on lead blouse and Matt McGinley of Gym Class Heroes fame on timbales.

Shhhhh. It’s a secret.

Yeah, it’s not everyday you get to hear a cover of “Batdance.” 

We were honored to have been able to perform a few Prince covers as part of the first “Under the Covers” concert series that will feature local bands all performing songs by the same artist. This show was nothing short of spectacular and all 4 bands delivered in a big, big way.

(Thanks to Adam Fryer for shooting this snippet!)

Shrimps were the esteemed guests on the always-awesome Musical Viral Spiral. Check it.

New Shrimps jams coming soon… with guest vocals from the illustrious Pablo Falbru!


Listen, this is gonna be badass. Expect surprises. Expect the best.

Yep, new shirts look great!

Yep, new shirts look great!

We tried a guerilla QR campaign for our last gig. 2 weeks after the show, our street team torched the evidence.

After this Saturday, Shrimps will have no shows booked. Please help us change that so we don’t fall into our usual lull of laziness. #bookthatbutt

First time available online, SHRIMPS HYPERCOLOR T-SHIRTS. 5 left.

SHRIMPSHOW: 2013-05-17 microclimate, Geneva, NY

No poster, just facebook funk.

We had the honor of sitting in with Geneva’s own Speakeasy Society House Band. It always feels great being to get as weird as we want when improvising with others. And in front of a crowd that isn’t scared easily!

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